Your Feel Good Guide & Joy Generator in Body-Mind, Soul+Spirit

Go beyond the physical to mindfully nurture the Spirit & awaken the Soul.

“The journey of Yoga is self-enquiry.” - Rani Sheilagh

Yogarani practices and techniques have been nurtured and developed over many years. I always strive to teach from the heart and am rooted in the heart of classical yoga.

Classes, workshops and sessions require physical effort, mental focus, and also dive into exploring deeper aspects of our emotional, spiritual and soulful life.

I teach with passion, playfulness, creativity and enthusiasm to Gently guide you to go deeply into dynamics of Yoga posture (asana) practice, Mindful movement and awareness (yamas/niyamas), Core (tapas) sequences, yogic Breathe (pranayama), Meditation, Mindfulness, Compassion and Loving-Kindness (metta-panna.)

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Workshops, Special Classes, ANNOUNCEMENTS & EVENTS

In Yogarani classes, workshops & retreats, private sessions, corporate programmes and happenings - You will...

  • Be mindfully guided to access the body and mind as a powerful tool for health & wellness

  • Connect to your own inherit wisdom to reap maximum benefits.

  • Learn experientially about the body-mind relationship through ancient wisdom and practices rooted in the classical teachings (sutras) and foundations of Yoga posture practice, breathe techniques and through meditation.

  • Be guided through a full embodiment experience to connect to the spiritual through the physical and through your experience of the senses.

  • Go beyond the body to foster resilience, balance, peace, presence and well-being,

  • Generate joy and empower Yourself to navigate on the ever-changing, ever-evolving, soul journey - and to Feel Good!

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