Hello, my name is Rani Sheilagh

(pronounced Rah-nee Shee-la)

Thank you for visiting the Yogarani website!

Curious about my name? My first name Rani originates from India and my second-middle name, Sheilagh comes from Ireland. So it’s no surprise that I am the daughter of an Indian father and Irish mother.

I have been facilitating yoga, meditation, health and wellness for over 17 years - teaching Yoga as mindful movement, Meditation, Mindfulness, breathe and relaxation techniques, body sensory based practices and sharing my Food Empowerment and Creative Living tips.

I’ve spent much time in India with my father’s side of the family, and I have had an awareness of yoga and meditation for almost as long as I can remember. However, my own yogic studies only blossomed during my late teenage years as a student living in New York.

It was there as a young, energetic art student doing my bachelors degree in graphic design, communications and fine art that I attended my very first yoga class.

I was lucky to have my early yoga experiences at the Jivamukti Yoga Centre studying with inspiring co-founders Sharon Gannon and David Life.

It wasn’t long before I was hooked; sometimes attending 2 yoga classes a day! 

I remained a regular student at Jivamukti for several years, while continuing on to complete my Masters degree in Interactive Technologies at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and then while working in New York as a creative professional in IT, before moving to Dublin.

Along my way my interest in yoga, meditation and exploring a more holistic lifestyle continued to grow. And it no doubt kept me sane while working in competitive, highly pressured, deadline driven environments and it certainly helped me to learn to navigate the ebbs and flows of life.

Having worked in business, technology and cultural sectors in USA and Ireland has been invaluable in giving me a truly direct understanding of life demands and the challenges we all face in striving to find balance in the midst of busy lives.

And it was during these earlier years that I found myself drawn more and more to expanding my understanding of yoga and meditation.  

I have been fortunate to have trained under many respected teachers, masters and gurus from India, Europe, USA and around the globe.

I am grateful to have studied with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (ashtanga yoga founder) BNS Iyengar (pranayama and meditation master), David Swenson and most notably for me, Godfrey Deveruex (founder of the Dynamic Teaching method) the teacher who I truly feel taught me how to teach.

I feel fortunate to have meditation studies and retreat experiences including Vipassana meditation, Tong-Len and Tibetan Gelupa traditions, Loving-Kindness and Mindfulness with Thích Nhất Hạnh.

Every teacher and experience has been invaluable in my personal growth, in deepening my understanding and developing my ability to share and to teach.

Over the years, I have completed several senior level yoga teacher certifications.

I am now recognized as a 'Yoga Elder' by IYN (Independent Yoga Network.)

A Yoga Elder is comparable to a PhD as it is one of the highest yoga qualifications possible to achieve internationally and requires certification as a teacher, life commitment and proof of 5,000 hours or more of direct, in-person, documented teaching experience. 

I have also gone deeply into understanding how food nourishes the body, the mind and the spirit for myself and for others - and have even gone as far as taking professional chef classes and doing a stagiaire trail in Denis Cotter’s amazing vegetarian restaurant Café Paradiso in Cork. 

I have learned so much experientially from growing up experiencing diverse food culutres and tastes, as well as from my own personal food journey and perhaps most of all from working with private clients, students and helping friends and family over the years.

Today I share what I call Food Empowerment. Food Empowerment is my fresh, balanced, approach to food, delicious eating and cooking that is free from restrictive diets and limiting rules.

I also share what I call Creative Living tips. Creative Living offers simple, practical guidance and ways to move towards experiencing joy, embracing life's pleasures, cultivating resilience ad enabling you to go deep into the roots of our shared human experience, supporting your well-being, and whole-life vitality for comprehensive approach to health and wellness, and living life feeling good that works for you.

My life long learning, studying and experiences have been a big part of opening up my mind, my heart and feeling connected and I hope to share my passion, enthusiasm and spread that joy with you!

Click here to learn more about Rani’s Dynamic Rasa™ method & approach >

I hope that gives you a sense of my background and that you feel you know me just a little bit better now.

I look forward to seeing you in classes & workshops, in private 1:1 or corporate sessions, retreats, holidays, happenings and events!

With gratitude & blessings.

Namaste, Rani