Dynamic Rasa™ is an experiential and embodiment teaching method to guide and share Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness to feel good! 

This contemporary approach, with roots and foundations in traditional wisdom, has evolved over many years of deep practice, study, self-enquiry and experiences to meet the diverse and unique challenges of navigating through modern-day life.

I am grateful for the help and learning that has been shared and for the many teachers, gurus, students, guides and loved who have informed, influenced and contributed to this method and approach to date.

By connecting to external and internal Dynamic and wisdom within ourselves, we cultivate resilience, self-empowerment, uplift spirit and invite an experience of life that is a little more juicy and delicious!

"Dynamic": meaning energy in motion (internally & externally)

"Rasa": meaning the juicy aesthetic of life; the direct experience of the divine grace flowing in us and thru us. (coming from  Sanskrit)



The external dynamic activation is cultivated and explored in many ways including focused yoga posture practice (asana) and flow (or continuos state of being), breathe work (pranayama) and mindful movement sequences (ullola.)

The internal dynamic activation, is cultivated and explored with techniques including mindfulness, breathe, meditation, conscious eating, tuning inwards and ultimately awakening awareness to bring ease and effortlessness into our practices, into ourselves and into our life!

'Rasa'  honours and reminds us of the inherit wisdom that we already have, the opportunity we have to relish and be in every moment, to support our own health & well-being, to playfully "get juicy" with life, to foster contentment and generate joy!