CORE-TASTIC! Why the Yogic Core is so Delicious

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“The Core” in Yoga is considered to be both a physical and energetic space.

It is literally the centre of our balance and our strength, on and off the mat. It is a key foundation and aspect of yoga practice that is accesible to everyone, and benefits practitioners of all levels and abilties.

On a physical level, core posture practice focuses on the entire abdonimal region, the waist and the belly, through what I refer to as engaging the external dynamic.

Cultivating the external dynamic, and dynamic activation, in core posture (asana), practice, with focused breathe work (pranayama) and specific core sequences (ullola) builds strength, tones the belly, flattens abdominals, supports the lower back, protects the sacrial joint, and has many other potential physical benefits including improving posture, increasing metabolism and aiding digestion.

But if nothing else, flowing gently through a core practice with some belly busting movements certainly awakens focus, internal awareness and connects us to the inherit intelligence that we already have in body and in mind.

This core connection brings us to an energetic space, through what I refer to as engaging the internal dynamic. 

Through this internal dynamic, with mindful movement, we relax the mind bringing ease and effortlessness into our practice and into ourselves.

By awakening the internal dynamic, and internal activation, we also become aware of our core energy.  We feel the power of the yogic core as it cultivates resilience, uplifts and energises – and as our practice becomes a little more juicy and delicious!