INTENTION = January 2018 focus

The focus for January 2018 is INTENTION, and will inspire yoga and meditation classes, workshops, sessions with private clients and my own personal pratices.

Intention comes from the Latin intentio(n- ) meaning  ‘stretching, purpose


This purpose and the power of intention enables us to live our best life, to take action, to manifest in the physical; prosperity, opportunities, creativity, spirituality... 

Intention supports us and anchors us along our journey

While we navigate the the ebb and flow of life, intention roots and grounds us into being present and it reminds us to celebrate being here.

So never mind those pesky resolutions in which we often speak to ourselves in negative scripts and set ourselves up for self-criticism and self-judgement.

Let's remember we are all perfect in this moment. 

Let's focus our energy and speak to ourselves in an affirmative, positive voice. 

Let's root and ground into our purpose and our intention so we can empower ourselves to take actions and to manifest dreams and aspirations into being

Happy New Year! 

With Love & Blessings