INNER SEEDS = March 2018 Focus of the Month

The focus for March 2018 is PLANTING INNER SEEDS for growth, acceptance, release and resilience and will inspire our yoga and meditation classes, workshops, sessions with private clients, and my own personal practices.

The month of March marks the beginning of Spring, a season of freshness and planting seeds.

The days can be crisp, but begin to become brighter and Springtime sunshine breathes life back into the flowers, trees and wildlife that surround us.

We often feel an internal sense of renewal during this time as well, and welcome the brightness and lightheartedness of Spring.

This is the ideal time to bring focus internally and dig a little deeper into ourselves.  

march2018- blog- dr-seuss-today-you-are-you-yogarani-ranisheilagh.png

The energy at this time of year presents the opportunity for taking pause to look inwards and to embrace our authentic Self with appreciation for the journey that has brought us to where we are in this moment.

Taking time to look within and acknowledge the diverse, beautiful, unique and colourful tapestry that make us who we truly are, connects us to our internal workings and inner environment, and to the very centre of ourselves.

When we are willing to dig deeper and reflect past superficial levels of how we define ourselves, we can let go of any inner talk that does not serve and allow ourselves and others to bloom freely!

By connecting mindfully with focus and awareness to Planting Inner Seeds we enable personal evolution, we invite ease and we develop our resilience in the ever-changing ebb and flow of life.

Our March focus will see have us looking inwards to connect, root & ground and breathe, while inviting release and gently awakening into the central energy and very sense of our being.

So, I invite us all to journey, to practice and to live with a spirit of gratitude, appreciation and celebration. 

And to be supportive and kind to yourself and to others... and enjoy blooming along the way!

With Love & Blessings