INNER FIRE = APRIL 2018 Focus of the Month

The focus for April 2018 is NURTURING THE INNER FIRE, and will inspire our yoga and meditation classes, workshops, sessions, and my own personal practices.

What I am calling the Inner Fire refers to one of the yogic personal observances (or Niyamas), called ‘Tapas’ – and it is present within all of us!

These fiery, passionate seeds have long been planted within and their fruits are available to us in this present moment.

B.K.S. Iyengar described ‘Tapas’ as cultivating a passion for ‘yoga in action’ that is a determined dedication, and a feeling of aliveness.

He stated “Life without tapas is like a Heart without love.”


This approach feels positive and helps to inspire and motivate me. 

I hope that it resonates with you, and also rings true that passion and enthusiasm bring joy, meaning and fun into our lives!

It is our Inner Fire that supports self-esteem, self-worth and confidence; it is a key aspect that enables us to accept others and embrace new experiences and it supports our evolution and growth as we move through the journey of life.

So, this month, I invite us all to connect, to bring focus and attention to our Inner Fire, or Tapas.

Through mindfully awakening core passion, let's release and allow the ‘burning away’ of that which does not serve, and connect to our internal light, to our creative nature and energise body, mind, spirit and soul... and Shine Bright!

With Love & Blessings