THE BREATHE OF LIFE = May 2018 Focus of the Month

The focus for May 2018 is CONNECTION TO THE POWER & WISDOM OF THE BREATHE OF LIFE, and will inspire our yoga and meditation classes, workshops, sessions, and my own personal practices.

With Spring in the air and Summer around the corner (hopefully here in Ireland too!), it seems like everything is on the move and turning a new leaf this time of year.

This time of year often feels uplifting, but can also find us putting pressure on ourselves to go, go, go and do, do, do! 

And while a spirit of self-motivation, embracing change and taking action can definitely be positive, the feeling that  "I should do" and/or "I have to" can prevent us from taking pause to Just Be! 

By connecting to the power of the breathe, we can take pause and foster connection to support ourselves through the spring/summer transition and change of season.


In the Yoga Sutras, Pantanjali refers to the 'dimensions of the breathe' or 'Pranayama' as one of the limbs of Yoga and a key foundation.

Pantanjali guide us, saying that by cultivating a solid foundation of breathe, we will lead ourselves to the experience of the steady, continuous 'flow of energy' (or 'prana'), which is beyond or underneath exhalation, inhalation, and the transitions between them.

We already know that our breathe communicates with us and that it reveals our inner energetic, physical and emotional states.

... when we feel sad or down we sigh, when angry we breathe rapidly, in the grip of fear or nervousness our breathing is shallow from the top of the lungs, when we are tired we yawn... you get the gist!

Even knowing this and that the breathe is key, when I am on the go or in the middle of life's ebb and flow, I sometimes need to be reminded to take a moment to listen, to observe and recognise that my breathe is in fact a tool for empowerment (and I'm guessing that I'm not the only one?!) 

It is our breathe that  supports our whole-life experience, our vitalityenergy and steadiness; it is a key aspect that enables us to be present with ourselves and with others and it supports us as we move through and navigate the journey of life.

This month, I invite us all slow down a little bit, to take pause and bring attention to the power of the breathe, as we connect inwards to our wisdom, our life-force, and to breathe our way to feeling good!

With Love & Blessings