CONSCIOUS SPIRIT = JUNE 2018 Focus of the Month

The focus for June 2018 is CONSCIOUS SPIRITUAL PRACTICE and will inspire our yoga and meditation classes, workshops, sessions, and my own personal practices.

As we come into June, summer time vibes fill the air and we often feel more energised and alive.

It is a perfect time to connect to intention and to bring more awareness into our practices, into our thoughts, our words, our actions… and into our Life!

It is after all, intention and awareness that distinguishes a Yoga practice from a physical fitness exercise routine.

Conscious Intention in yoga posture practice or any activity with the wish that it bring you closer to Divine energy, to Oneness and the higher Self is referred to in Sanskrit as sadhana.

In essence, ‘Sadhana’ means ‘Conscious Spiritual Practice' and it is always done with the intention to include others - it is never meant to be self-centred or goal-orientated.


We can develop our Conscious Spiritual Practice, or Sadhana, through techniques and practices like yoga, meditation and chanting – and we can go further to expand our awareness to reflect Conscious Spiritual Practice into our whole life.

As spiritual beings who are having a human experience, Sadhana is one key to making this human experience an integral part of our spiritual growth and to bringing nourishment into our life.

It is through Sadhana, cultivating Intention and connecting to Awareness that we empower ourselves to re-ignite our inner world and transform our outer world.  

Our Conscious Spiritual Practice offers a direct and personal experience and embodiment that brings us to a knowing that we are all truly connected.

So, this month as we continue to dive deep into ourselves, and embrace our conscious spiritual practice, I invite us all to move with intention and awareness - on and off the mat – and to discover what joy it brings to ourselves and those around us!

With Love & Blessings