RESILIENCE = SEPT+ OCT 2018 / Focus of The Month

The bi-monthly focus for September + October 2018 is Fostering Resilience.

This will inspire and fuel our yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices, our classes, workshops and sessions, as well as my own personal practices and life!

Resilience is our ability to adapt and bounce back after challenges and difficult times when things don't go as planned or as we had hoped for.

Fostering Resilience allows us to go with the flow, while cultivating a positive mindset, with acknowledgment of where we are and what is happening in any given moment of life. 

Life can be tricky, it moves in a continuous ever-changing ebb & flow. The journey is full of beauty and sorrow, joy and pain, ease and challenge - and we all experience a full spectrum of thoughts, feelings and emotions.

resilience-training_yogarani_blog_rani sheilagh.jpg

How we cope with adversity, stress, the good, and the bad affects how we experience our life, and this why that having a resilient mindset, heart and spirit is so important.

It is through our experiences, perspective and how we navigate life that we learn and grow and have the opportunity to connect to each other, to Soul, to Universal energy and the Divine.

There are many practices, habits and attitudes that can Foster Resilience in our life... Yoga, Meditation, Breathe, Mindfulness, Gratitude, Appreciation, Kindness, Intention, Compassion, Empathy, Letting go of judgement, Letting go of criticism, No blame, Taking personal Responsibility, Playing an active role in our life, Commitment, Love... the choices go on and on.

Identifying and adopting what support us in facing challenge and flowing with what is, rather than trying to force what isn’t, builds our ability to be present and is key to fostering resilience, increasing our health and well-being, and ultimately inviting 'be happy feel good' energy into our life!

Over the coming months, I invite us all to practice, to self-enquire, self-reflect and explore building foundations for what Fosters Resilience in our life and in ourselves. 

With Love & Blessings