Full Moon Blessings from Rani Sheilagh

Happy August Full Moon!

Those of you who have practiced with me in classes, workshops and sessions will have already heard my thoughts on the full moon and new moon in relation to yoga and meditation - and will know that I love the Moon! and personally resonate with its nurturing energy


Moon cycles are a useful rhythm and present an opportunity to take time to pause, to reflect and to quietly contemplate what brings us harmony, generates joy and fuels our be happy feel good.

I remind and encourage us all to take time around the Full Moon, this month (26 August) and every month, to invite release and let go of what no longer serves us, to complete what we intended to do and make space for the new.

Let's send our intention to the universe to free any blocks, shift what needs to shift, to put in motion our intentions and empower us in taking actions that manifest our 'highest' aspirations - with gratitude for exactly where we are right now and appreciation for the journey ahead.

Sending Full Moon Blessings, Rani x