Change! = May + June 2019 / Bi-monthly focus

The bi-monthly focus for May and June is Change.

With Spring in the air and Summer around the corner, it seems like everything is turning a new leaf this time of year.

Even with the cooler weather we are having here in Ireland at the moment – May and June still feel like months of change!

And it certainly is a good time of year to embrace change, to try new things, dust off the old routines, reignite and shake things up a little.

Change and growth ultimately starts from within – and through our practices we can learn to navigate the ever-changing ebb and flow of life with more ease and joy.

When we practice yoga and meditation (as well as other mindful techniques) we connect to a deeper inner awareness and invite internal enquiry.  

We cultivate sensitivity, honesty, openness, focus and generosity.

And we become more resilient enabling us to allow, to accept and to embrace change.

Tantric yoga describes change as the ever-changing nature of Shakti, or the deep-rooted, dynamic power and divine energy at the heart of life.

Shakti continually manifests things into being, fuels them for a while and then dissolves them.

Every cell, every moment, is part of this continuous flow of creation, sustenance, and dissolution.

Buddhists refer to change as Anitya or impermanence and tell us that change is inevitable, continuous, and unavoidable.

So in other words, Everything changes!

But we all know this already through our own experiences of life – and we also know that change is not always easy!


We feel change externally in our environment as the flow of seasons, as cycles in nature and in diversity of cultures. 

We feel change internally within ourselves, in physical and mental states as we experiences the ups and downs of life and flow through thoughts, emotions, sensations and the many movements in our mind.

Connecting, acknowledging and recognising the divine nature of the process of change and impermanence can bring ease and enable us to greet change with more acceptance, honour and surrender.

More so, we empower ourselves to partner and to co-create with change as we continue on our journey – and hopefully we find ourselves feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and feeling positive toward CHANGE in our lives!

I look forward to sharing space, having fun and embracing change together!

With Love & Blessings

PS: Don’t forget you can join me on 17 May for and evening workshop! FRIDAY FEEL GOOD: Full Moon practice and feel good flow - 7:30pm to 9:30pm - @YogaDublin Ranelagh, Dublin 6