Rest = July + August 2019 / Bi-monthly focus

Our bi-monthly focus for July and August is Rest.

In the fast moving world we live in today we all too often find ourselves putting far too much emphasis on constant ‘doing’

We get caught up in the push to go, go, go and do, do, do and can find ourselves stressed out, anxious, exhausted and so depleted that we are incapable of being the best we can be.

It is easy to forget the importance of rest and of taking time to recharge in the busy ebb and flow of life, but it is so vital that we do.

Rest enables us to come back to our life duties and relationships in a more engaged, enhanced and joyful way.

But resting doesn’t just have to mean ‘doing nothing.’ So what do I mean when I say rest?

I think it’s important to note that rest can take on many different forms.

Finding rest is about finding some stillness or silence in your life - and practicing rest is one of the most basic and fundamental needs of human beings.

It’s about allowing yourself the time and space to get off the tread mill of life, to unplug, to breathe, to tune in to your internal world of emotions, feelings, thoughts as well as your physical sensations and sensitivities.

Yoga is this inward journey of Self-Enquiry - and yoga along with meditation, breathe work, mindfulness and silence are some of my favourite forms of rest and ways to recharge.

But rest can also be discovered in many other forms such as journalling, painting, taking mindful walks, massage and even daydreaming.

Sometimes we find a gentle form rest calling us, at other times a more active rest and recovery feels right.

It is important to find what works best for you, for your lifestyle, for your body, for your mind and for your soul in any given moment of your life.

So, over the coming months and going forward I encourage us all to remind each other to “Take Rest, Take Rest, Take Rest”

I look forward to sharing space, having fun and taking time to enjoy restful, sunny summer vibes together!

With Love & Blessings