Allowing Transition - and trusting the journey

As the September “Harvest” Full Moon approaches, we find ourselves once again moving from Summer into Autumn here in Ireland (and Winter into Spring in the Southern Hemisphere.)

We are flowing through another seasonal change that invites us to allow the flux and pulsation and embrace the feeling of moving back and forth with some days still kissed with Summer sunshine and others with cool, crisp Autumn breezes. (Or on the other side of the globe Winter weather fading away as warmer Spring days emerge.)

The feeling, emotions and the specific energy we experience at this time can often tempt us to ‘make things happen,’ to rush and push changes ahead.

However, we have the opportunity now, and in the coming months, to remain open and curious, to expand our knowledge, to feel things out and connect with the innate intuitive wisdom that gives the gift of clarity.

By allowing transition to illuminate whatever aspects in our life need to be highlighted, we are guided to whatever it is that best will serve us on a soulful level in this moment.


This requires patience - it can be very challenging to trust the journey of life!

If we can let go and allow transition, we connect with an inner purpose and knowing that quietly supports whatever actions we might need to take and can move towards creating and manifesting into being, or to completing and concluding whatever might to be released.

As we learn, grow and evolve my wish is that we embrace the opportunity intended for each of us, allow the unfolding of life and trust the journey with grace.

Related Workshop: Join me for a Full Moon Evening Workshop on lucky Friday the 13th September 2019 @ YogaDublin Ranelagh Studio to uplift, inspire and feel good as we transition into Autumn! 

A few practices that can be useful at this time are:

  • Slow, gentle flowing yoga posture practice done as a moving meditation on the breathe.

  • Spend time in nature - if you can go somewhere near water, but anywhere in nature you feel good is perfect.

  • Take time in stillness to simply breathe - allow your body to breathe however it want to and invite softness.

  • Meditation and contemplation - passively observe thoughts, feeling and movements of the mind while remaining open and curious without judging or analysing, just allow thoughts to come and go.

  • Take a walk with no set destination - just walk for the pleasure of walking.

  • Daydream.

  • Feel good about your efforts knowing that they are perfect, for you right now.