A Personal Note from Rani - Exciting News!

Hello! I want to share some exciting news with you…

rani sheilagh _personal note_ exciting news.jpg

From mid-September 2019 onwards, in addition to teaching yoga and meditation and continuing with other wellness work, I will be returning to in-depth studies.

Over the next 2 years, I will be doing a second Masters degree (MSc in CyberPsychology) and I will also be training with the One Spirit foundation.

Good news is that there will only be a couple of small scheduling changes to my group classes at Yoga Dublin, and all of my private and corporate clients will continue without any changes.

I have no doubt that my studies will bring personal growth, learning and challenge and will benefit, add energy and contribute to what I share with you under the "Yogarani" name - and to whatever other new ventures may emerge in the future as well.  

I am looking forward to expanding my professional life; to reconnecting to my passion for our relationship with emerging technologies - which is even more relevant in our lifestyle today than when I first studied this area so many years ago!

And I can not wait to delve further into examining the spiritual and soulful aspects of life; to expanding my own understanding, skills and ability to support and guide others.

So, what this space! And remember to visit www.yogarani.com for the latest information on yoga and meditation classes, workshops and events.

Look forward to seeing you and sharing the journey, Rani x