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I have been working with organisations offering a variety of on-site and off-site yoga, meditation, mindfulness, health & wellness solutions for over 15 years. 

Clients have included AOL, Department of Transport, Solicitors firms, Accountants offices, PR & Media Agencies, Healthcare professionals, IT companies and various charities (including Move4Parkinsons)

The Benefits of corporate yoga, meditation, mindfulness techniques and health & wellness programmes have been shown to decreases stress and anxiety in the workplace, increase employee productivityreduce absenteeism and staff turnover, improve employee health and wellbeing, promote a healthy work/life balance and increase morale.

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For these reasons many companies are deciding to put more options in place for their workers to reduce their stress. 

My services and my corporate programmes are tailored to your organisation and can include classes, special workshops, events, talks, as well as one-to-one coaching and guidance sessions.


I teach and guide office Chair Yoga, "regular or traditional" Yoga on the matMeditation, and Mindfulness classes and courses. 

I give talks, run events, do special workshop sessions, and one-to-one appointments with guidance on Food Empowerment and Creative Living Guidance.


Chair Yoga, Mediation and Mindfulness can be done comfortably in a meeting/board room, or any available room - and many find this style of practice feels more accessible and compatible in the workplace.  And if there  is a suitable open space offering "regular or traditional" Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness classes using yoga mats offers another way to experience health and wellness benefits in the workplace.

“Food Empowerment” is Rani’s approach, attitude and relationship to one of her passions – food, food, food! Ditch the diets, drop restrictive nutritional fads, and enjoy the pure pleasure of eating without any contradiction to supporting your health and wellbeing. Rani shares simple, practical tips, knowledge and Food Empowerment guidance from what she has learned over the years working with clients, helping family and friends, and along her own personal journey.  Food Empowerment takes the approach that it is more useful, sustainable and joyful to adopt new habits that empower and fuel Feel Good. 

"Creative Living Guidance" are simple, practical techniques developed by Rani and used with clients to increase your ability to relax while being in the present moment, Improve resilience and your ability to cope with challenging situations,  connect to your own natural rhythms and to ultimately cultivate life skills to bring more joy, creativity, and feel good moments into life!

A gentle session over a lunchtime, a mid-morning break, a class or workshop adds so much positivity to the work environment.


booking your corporate  SESSIONS

I would be delighted to work with your organisation, to offer my services and co-create a programme, event, classes and/or workshop that best serves you and your needs. 

Contact me to discuss options, schedule and cost.

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Tel: 01 565 3694  

Mobile: 086 819 2377   



* I am a certified and recognised Yoga Elder through IYN (The Independent Yoga Network) & I am fully insured to teach and work anywhere worldwide (excluding USA & Canada.)