Food Empowerment

* Food Empowerment - by Rani Sheilagh, is part of the Be Happy Feel Good™ living system of classes, courses, challenges, tools and techniques

Embrace a FOOD LIFESTYLE that supports Delicious Living! and #ditchthediets

I love sharing yoga, meditation and mindful practices that generate joy and create BE HAPPY FEEL GOOD in our lives!

As integral and primary part of that, I want to talk about another one of my biggest passions - food, food, food! 

After all, food is one of the greatest pleasures in life! And eating is one of the most intimate things we do with our bodies.

What we eat and How we eat is a vital part of our physical and mental well-being - and of equal importance is our Relationship with Food which feeds our Spirit, fuels our Soul and fosters Connection.

With this in mind, I've developed a food lifestyle system called "Food Empowerment" which is grounded in a common-sense, practical, you can-do it approach to support seriously delicious living! 

Food Empowerment has evolved over the years working with inspiring students, private clients, helping family and friends, and from learning along my own life journey. 

We all have our own tastes, lifestyle, daily rhythms and habits. These can support our health and vitality, while others are important for pure pleasure and enjoying life. However, some of these can be less nourishing in body, mind, spirit and soul.

Finding our own balances and knowing what realistically works for us is the key to supporting whole-wellbeing. 

This can feel tricky or be overwhelming - So we may need a little help, support and guidance to learn how to identify, to become aware of and then shift non-beneficial lifestyle habits and adopt new ones that serve us

Food Empowerment is about just that - empowering you through instilling the approach and knowing that it is more useful, sustainable and joyful to adopt new habits that empower and identify what fuels your Feel Good

And Yes, it is possible to Ditch the diets, drop restrictive nutritional fads, and enjoy the pure pleasure of eating tasty foods without there being any contradiction to supporting your health and whole-wellbeing.

Feeling hungry to get started :) Well, then what are you waiting for?

Empower yourself with the Food Empowerment lifestyle system and get ready for some seriously delicious living!

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