Private sessions are the perfect way to work with any special concerns, issues, conditions and goals - Or perhaps you simply want the convenience, extra personal attention and privacy of practicing yoga and meditation in your own space.

And while working in larger groups does have a fantastic energy and atmosphere of its own, the benefits of individualised attention and guidance in private sessions with Rani is a more personal programme, with detailed focus on You that maximises benefits



Private Personal one-to-one sessions and Semi-private sessions (for couples or two friends) are available by prior appointment and are arranged directly with Rani. 

Contact Rani for more details, pricing & to arrange your personal private sessions. 



I usually meet with potential private clients over a coffee or tea BEFORE we make the commitment to doing private sessions together. In some cases, if we have already met, it is sufficient and more practical to have a chat over the phone or to include  our chat as part of a longer first session.

This introductory meeting or "clarity chat" is FREE of charge, but it is an important first step to asses your needs, address any expectations and connect in person, and to see if working together is the right fit.

Sound good? Then you're ready to take the next step! 


Ring:  01 565 3694


kind words & praise from clients  

(All clients quoted have kindly given permission to share)

I began my introduction to yoga by having some private yoga sessions with Rani which I found very beneficial... I was a novice to the art of yoga and it's benefits. Her patience and guidance for those sessions were so helpful. It enabled me to concentrate on my breathing and postures, helping me de-stress... Without sounding dramatic, my life has changed. My breathing has regulated, my mind has stilled and my body feels so good... Her attitude, personality and presence is so calming. No judgments and no pressure, just a graceful nudge to steer you on towards your best ability. To be honest I personally could not do yoga with anybody else.

~ Andrew Kenny (Business & Sales Executive)


 Rani is kind and wise... also she wears her considerable learning lightly. She radiates energy and can warm even the most troubled of souls. She is refreshingly open minded and deeply empathetic. If you are looking to improve yourself in any way... Rani ought to be part of that journey

~ D. Brennan (Data Analytics & Business Strategy Professional)  



Yoga was traditionally often taught by one teacher to one or two students which laid the basis for building the student-teacher relationship. This kept focus on the importance of individualising each experience to meet the needs, capacity and development of each student.

Each private session with Rani is tailored to your specific needs to include practices, techniques and approaches that address your unique challenges and goals - whether it’s mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, or simply part of creating healthy lifestyle habits.

As such, sessions may include yoga posture practices, mindful movement, breathe techniques, relaxation and meditations. Additionally, as part of a holistic and whole personal approach (if appropriate or as requested) sessions can also extend to include food empowerment & creative lifestyle tips and guidance. 

Sessions develop and grow with each client's personal progression drawing from expertise, skills, knowledge and techniques which Rani has cultivated and developed working with inspiring clients for over 17 years. 



All private client details, what we cover or discuss together, as we'll as your personal information is kept strictly private and confidential. 

Private sessions are custom taliored to meet your needs and/or any specific conditions and challenges - and as such are kept personal and private.