Friday FEEL GOOD Mindful Mini-Workshop SESSIONS 2017

FRIDAY 6:15pm to 8pm - on the following dateS:

Please book your place in advance with Yoga Dublin

  • 8 SEPT

  • 29 SEPT

  • 20 OCT

  • 10 NOV

  • 1 DEC

FEE: 25 Euros, per workshop | These workshops are hosted @Yoga Dublin DUNDRUM Studio.


These yogarani mindful mini-workshop sessions will include gentle movement, breathe work and guided meditations exploring the 5 Elements which are present, interconnected and integral to all yogic, meditation and mindful practices.

The elements are Earth (Grounding, Stability, Rooting), Fire (Energising, Awakening, Passion), Water (Flow, Movement, Fluidity), Air (Breath, Vitality, Spirit), and Space (Awareness, Expansion, Infinity). By connecting body, mind and spirit with the elements mindfully we generate joy, contentment, resilience and a feeling of balance.







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